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What you need to know for a Brazilian wax

Bikini season is coming soon and it’s a great time to prep your bikini area. Thinking of trying a Brazilian wax, here are a few need to knows when making your appointment.

The first thing you have to know is the hair in your pubic area will need to be grown out about a 1/2 inch or unshaven for about two to three weeks.

Tip: Don’t drink alcohol the night before to avoid bleeding or bruising. Most people would think it numbs your extremities, but this is not the proper way to prepare yourself for a Brazilian or Bikini Wax. Drinking or blood thinners complicates your bodies reaction to hair removal. Please inform your technician if you are on an medication.

You can take ibuprofen 1 hour before your appointment if it is your first time to lessen inflammation, but is not required. Its best to avoid sex 24 hours prior to appointment.

Before you arrive pre wash prior to your appointment, usually your technician will have wipes for you to use prior to starting. I usually have someone wipe front to back three times prior to starting. Please do not use lotions or oil hygienic products. Don’t wear your best or expensive underwear as there maybe small wax residue that could be remaining on the skin. We recommend cotton underwear.

Depending on the technician a pre solution or powder is used to prepare the surface.

There are numbing antiseptics that can be used prior and the more that you wax every month the less sensitivity is associated with that area. Less sensitivity is due to the hair not being as well rooted in the shaft therefore making the process easier each time. Once you wax you will want to continue waxing every month.

Why wax? It reduces hair growth in they area, less ingrown hairs from shaving and less worries of hair growth in all small areas hard to see when shaving. It also creates a smoother surface and less bumps usually associated with razors.

There are several different waxes that can be used for this service such as a hard wax. Hard wax does not use strips and then there is conventional wax with strips. However, any wax is effective in removing hair.

The service usually takes 20-60 minutes depending on the technician and technique used.

What to expect after, slight reddening that reduces in the following hours. Wear comfortable or loose pants. You will experience less hair regrowth in the coming weeks, I would recommend a soft bristle body brush to use in your bikini area as the hair grows back to slightly exfoliate. Exfoliating this area in the following weeks helps insure reduction of ingrown hairs.

We recommend Dial or antibacterial soap. Use a Natural Loofah for exfoliating and replace it often as is can harbor bacteria.

Absolutely no tanning with in 72 hours following a wax.

You will be pleased with the new look and be sure to discuss options on areas you may wish to leave unwaxed.

Happy Waxing!

Christy Hogan

Contributors to this article are Kamarie Warren @Kamarie Beauties from Topeka, KS.

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