Poxie Acrylic Gel Tube (pink)


Acrylic Gel 30g in pink

Professional only, license required at checkout,

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Mixture of gel and acrylic ? we apply it similar to acrylic and cure in the lamp as gel.

It can be used to extend and harden nails.

This is the most modern method, even a beginner can model ideal nails!

Eight features of Acrylic Gel, which make Your work more comfortable:

1. It?s easy to apply even for beginners.

2. Nothing runs down the cuticles during application.

3. It?s fragrance-free.

4. It saves a lot of work time.

5. It doesn?t pinch in a lamp as gel.

6. You can control the material since the moment of cure.

7. It?s delicate and elastic so it?s less sensitive to break.

8. It?s compatible with Poxie Gel Polishes.

Poxie Acrylic Gel Application Instructions ?

Step 1 ? Push cuticle back

Step 2 ? File or etch nail bed

Step 3 ? Cleans & Prime

Step 4 ? Apply 4-in-1 base

Step 5 ? Cure 30 seconds

Step 6 ? Apply acrylic gel to tip

Step 7 ? Apply tip to nail

Step 8 ? Cure 60 Seconds

Step 9 ? Squeeze tip applicator

Step 10 ? Shape & File

Step 11 ? Scrub & cleanse

Step 12 ? Apply 4-in-1 base

Step 13 ? Gel Color (Repeat color if desired)

Step 14 ? Cure 60 Seconds

Step 15 ? UV No-wipe top coat

Step 16 ? Cure for 60 Seconds


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