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History of Poxie Creation

What we do?

Hi there! I’m Christy Hogan, cosmetologist, inventor, and entrepreneur of Poxie, I would like to welcome you to our website and tell you our story.

Before Poxie, I worked in the tanning industry invented and patented seeveral types of  Podz eyewear (tanning goggles) that are available at Crunch Fitness, Planet Fitness,  and other tanning facilities across the nation.  During that time I  had the pleasure of working with Jessica Robertson, wife of Jep from the famous show “Duck Dynasty”. Jessica and I had a blast creating a line of polish and beauty products for her. During this time, I also traveled and met many manufacturers of different products in the cosmetic industry.

I returned home with a large selection of products, some that never even reached the top of my desk. One product which did find its way to the top would later become a favorite.

I rediscovered my sample and used it, and found I loved it. I tested it for over 3 years and found a super amazing combination, Poxie Powder. See my mom struggled with allergies to acrylic and I needed something stronger than gel polish alone. It was sad to see her struggle with keeping polish on or could not find much on the market to address her issues. This is where Poxie Powder came to be. I have used Poxie Powder System on her and know its strengths and developed a system to make nails possible for others that struggle with acrylic as well.

I found this system completely blew the competition away, it had great staying power, no chipping, and a super durable top coat. The top coat was so strong, that I had other stylists and nail techs alike using it.

I loved this product along with my clients and understood the power it could give to so many more professionals. During Covid, Billy O’Mara,  a licensed cosmetologist with over 30 years of experience, found himself and his clients benefiting from this amazing product. He nudged me to take the product to all the nail techs and hairdressers around the globe. He helped inspire the Poxie line, driving the product to market. Billy has had years in the industry and had his own distribution center at one time and knows the importance of supply and demand. He brings his expertise and business knowledge to Poxie.

Today we have a full line of Lux gel, Gel dip, Gel Acrylic, and much more. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see all the new releases and updates as the company continues to grow and flourish with your support and ideas.

UV Gel Top Coat

    • Strong adhesion
    • High gloss and anti-yellow
    • Short curing time (60s uv/led) and apply easily
    • Lasting longer than 30 days on nails

This top coat will change the way you do business and brings a high gloss shine for weeks on end.

Amazing uses for Poxie 4-in-1 Rubber Basecoat....

    •  Gel Basecoat
    • Nail builder gel
    • Nail tip glue gel
    • Rhinestone glue gel
    • Bonds with Poxie Powder

I love the UV Top Coat, as the shine lasts till the day you remove it.

Pillars of Poxie Creation

Christy Hogan
inventor, and entrepreneur
Billy O’Mara
inventor, and entrepreneur