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Why Poxie?

Welcome to Poxie creations, Poxie is a rubber based gel product made for professionals. Our unique four, one basecoat and our UV topcoat are top in the industry. If you are nail tech and looking for alternative products that last for four weeks or longer and satisfied clients look no further. We carry all the supplies you need to do nails and more. Poxie has created a trial kit just for you! This dual rubber base application along with Poxie powder will deliver great results as a gel and allow you to give fills with no lifting that will stay on your clients nails for four weeks. To learn more watch the video below.

Professional Nail Supply Store

You use your hands every day, and in fact, they are the first things that people will notice about you. And having perfectly beautiful-looking nails can offer you an extra boost of confidence. But to take good care of your nails, you can't take the risk of using poor-quality nail products. If you are looking for a reliable platform to buy wholesale Nail Supplies in USA, you can always trust Poxie Creations. We are a leading and professional nail supplies provider, offering quality nail products at reasonable prices.
No matter what your requirements are with Poxie Creations, you will find the quality nails products you are looking for,Order proffesional nail supplies in USA from Poxie Creations and enhance your nails beauty with our quality Products. Beauty professionals at Poxie Creations understand your requirements and suggest the best nail products to take good care of your nails. You will only get superior-quality pedicure and manicure supplies at our online store, including a gel nail polish collection, glitter dip powder for nails, etc.All our products will surely meet your professional requirements. Our priority is our client's satisfaction. You can trust Poxie Creations for more savings on well-known brands. Explore our huge collection of nail care products now!


Rubber base gel polish for professionals.


The Difference Poxie Powder

Great Quality

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Benefits of Dip Nails

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Finding Beauty.
Taking nails to a whole new level.
Keep inspiring, keep growing.
Live the Poxie Life!

Amazing Products Creating the Desired Results

We don't say it; we offer the industry's best nail care products. The nail products available at our site are quite popular among celebs, nail professionals, media, and nail artists. If you have a nail salon, it's time to impress your clients with the best professional acrylic nail suppliesin USA and other manicure tools and products. Our massive inventory goes beyond general nail polishes, and you will find all types of trendy products for you. Poxie Creations always offers the best products you and your customers will love.

Check Out Our Amazing Gel Nail Polish Collections

Gel nail polish for professionals available at Poxie Creations offers long-lasting wear when used with the right base coat and finished with the best topcoat. Made of quality ingredients, our gel nail polish collection includes the colors that you can resist yourself from giving a try. What's more? Our gel nail polish will keep your natural nails protected from different elements. Colour is our obsession, and we want to make everyone's life colorful. Poxie Creations brings you hundreds of nail gel polish shades, from iconic classics to trendsetting colors. Check them out now.

Best Manicure and Pedicure Products

When you are at Poxie Creations, you will have the freedom to choose from a wide range of quality nail enhancement products, and you will be able to offer your clients a relaxing and luxurious spa experience. When it comes to attaining the desired nail care and nail art results, you can trust Poxie Creations nail products.


Q1. Why Do People Love Poxie Creations?

Ans -We are here to help everyone to have gorgeous-looking nails. Poxie Creations aims to offer the industry's best and most professional nail products. We will help you confidently unleash your hidden artistic skills and creatively express your mood. Use the best glitter dip powder for nails available in different colors and show off your unique nail style to the whole world. Whether you are a seasoned pro, beginner, or nail enthusiast, we believe that everyone deserves beautiful and healthy nails, and we can help you by bringing the right products to your doorstep.

Q2. Is It Possible to Make Your Own Customizable Nail Kit?

Ans - We at Poxie Creations believe that custom is much better. We allow our customers to customize their nail kits based on their requirements. You can add the Best professional nail art brush, Poxie gel Polish, acrylic nails, etc.,to your kit, considering your nail styling preference. At Poxie Creations, you will get a starter nail kit fora pro nail kit under your budget. Get the right nail kit for you now!

Q3. Do we provide Attractive Discounts on Nail Supplies?

Ans -We have been serving the beauty industry for years. Are you looking for nail polish, gels, nail manicure basics, professional acrylic nail supplies etc.? It's time to join 10000+ manicurists who regularly shop with Poxie Creations and enjoy attractive discounts on professional nail supplies. For more savings, you can shop in bulk. Visit our site today for great and amazing deals on the professional manicure and nail supplies you use every day in your home, office, or salon. We also guarantee the lowest prices and faster shipping.

Q4.What Can I Do If I Need Help from Poxie Creations?

Ans -Whether you are a beginner or want to try out some of our new Wholesale Nail Supplies, our experts will teach you all the things and methods to apply the products in the right way. You can go through our blog section to learn more about our gel polish dip powder and more. You can also check out the videos on our site. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to show off your creativity using our nail products.