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Grow Your Nail Business 

You're Here! Now What...? 


1. Are you in the right place? If you are a service-based nail tech or a home consumer wanting long lasting nails you have come to the right place.

  • Poxie is a strong gel similar to Epoxy flooring, super durable and out performs your regular gel, hense how we got the name!

Warning: This product will grow your clientele and you will receive tons of referrals, more money and long lasting clients.






2. Watch the Video Training Below to get Christy's top tips to building great nails using Poxie Powder and the tools to get lasting results. This technique will convert all of you acrylic clients over to using this service and you will be able to charge more money for it and if you doing this for home use, you won't be sorry. Not only are you going to have no odor, but your nails will last so much longer than before. Sit tight and watch till the end for best results.


3. After watching the video we have a hands down great offer for you to create the same fabulous results on your own. 




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Not Looking for all that need just the bare basics........




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