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Barbie Look-a-like 6 Pack Gel Polish Collection

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Introducing the "Pink Dream Collection": a dazzling array of gel pink polishes that capture the essence of Barbie's Look-a-like  timeless glamour and playful sophistication.

Each shade in this collection is carefully curated to embodyher iconic style, from soft pastels reminiscent of her classic wardrobe to vibrant pinks that exude confidence and flair.

Immerse yourself in the world of Barbie with shades like "Pink Dreamer," a soft baby pink that whispers elegance, or "Barbie Glam," a bold hot pink that demands attention.

Whether you're channeling Barbie's Look-a-like signature chic or adding a pop of color to your everyday look, the "Pink Dream Collection" has the perfect shade to complement every mood and occasion.

Indulge in the luxury of long-lasting gel polish with a high-shine finish, designed to keep your manicure flawless for days on end.

Transform your nails into a canvas of her-inspired beauty and let your inner doll shine with the "Pink Dream Collection" of gel pink polishes.

Includes # 141 Pink Neon, #122 Cool Catch, #21 Pretty In Paris, #11020 Hot Pink, #237 Pink Shiffon, #137 Peaches-n- cream