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The Difference Poxie Powder

The Difference Poxie Powder

Posted by Christine Hogan on 1st Apr 2022

We have all seen dip nails, and shellac, what more could be out there?
Poxie powder is a dual system that has the strength of acrylic and the durability of gel.
Poxie Powder solves nail problems we as manicurists struggle with........the client that can't keep on nails or shellac, dips that seem to show file lines and having to redo or soak off at every nail fill appointment.
Manicurists and cosmetologists need a product that is a "service only" product found only in salons, Poxie Powder gives the industry another great nail enhancement service that delivers strength and adhesion.
Poxie Powder uses a 4 in 1 Rubber base with high pigmented acrylic powder, together these two products bring a durable nail that brings clients back without soaking it off.
This chemical combination and feature is patent-pending and reassures your customer that this salon base product delivers amazing results.
The Poxie Powder can be used with Poxie 4 in 1 rubber base, acrylic monomer and added to any dip system.
The 4 in 1 Rubber base can be used to repair, build up a nail, adhere tips, cures rhinestones in place, and can be used with Poxie Powder directly.
A Poxie Powder service is easy to add to your shellac clientele, it adds great strength and durability not seen with other brush-on gel systems.
This product can be purchased online at and ask your distributors today.