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Nail file - straight

Poxie Creations

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80/80 Grit nail file

An 80/80 grit nail straight file is a type of nail file specifically designed for shaping and smoothing the nails during manicures or pedicures. The "80/80" designation refers to the coarseness or grit of the abrasive surface on both sides of the file.

Here's a breakdown of what each number represents:

  • The first number (80) indicates the coarseness of one side of the file. In this case, 80 grit means that one side has a relatively coarse texture, which is effective for quickly shaping and filing down the length of the nails, as well as removing any significant imperfections or rough edges.

  • The second number (also 80) represents the coarseness of the other side of the file. Having both sides with the same grit allows for consistency in filing and ensures that you can achieve uniform results on both hands or feet.

The "nail straight file" part of the description indicates that the file has a straight, flat shape, which is ideal for filing the free edge of the nail in a straight line. This type of file is commonly used to shape and refine the length and edges of the nails, creating a clean and polished appearance.

Overall, an 80/80 grit nail straight file is a versatile tool that provides effective shaping and smoothing of the nails, making it a staple in both professional salons and home nail care kits.