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Polygel Brush

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This polygel brush is equiped with an edger is a specialized tool designed for applying polygel nail enhancements with precision and ease. This type of brush typically combines the functionality of a brush for polygel application with a built-in edger or spatula-like feature for shaping and smoothing the polygel material.

The brush portion of a polygel brush is crafted with high-quality synthetic bristles, carefully designed to pick up and manipulate polygel product effectively. These bristles are often soft and flexible, allowing for smooth application and even distribution of the polygel onto the nail surface.

In addition to the brush, a polygel brush with an edger features an edger or spatula-like tool at one end of the handle. This edger is typically made from a durable material like metal and is used for shaping and refining the edges of the polygel application. It enables nail technicians to create clean, precise lines and smooth out any uneven edges for a flawless finish.

The handle of a polygel brush with an edger is often ergonomically designed for comfortable grip and control during use. This brushes also feature a cap or cover to protect the bristles and edger when not in use, ensuring the longevity of the tool.

Overall, this polygel brush with an edger is a versatile and essential tool for nail technicians looking to achieve professional-quality polygel nail enhancements with precision and ease.