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Poxie Basic Gel Training - Free Virtual Class & Basic Starter Kit

Poxie Creations

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Invitation to Poxie Powder Unveiling

Unlock the Secrets of Long-Lasting Elegant nails.

Join us for an exclusive presentation on the art of gel nails, featuring the grand unveiling of Poxie Powder - the revolutionary solution for enhancing the longevity of your manicure.

*Purchase the product and get the class download to watch at your convenience. 

  1. Agenda:

    1. Welcome and Introduction

    • Kick off the event with a warm welcome and an introduction to the exciting evening ahead.

    2. Unveiling of Poxie Powder - How to

    • Dive into the details of Poxie Powder, exploring its application techniques and understanding how it transforms your nail care routine.

    3. Insights into Achieving Long-Lasting Elegance with Gel Nails

    • Learn the tips and tricks to make your gel nails stand the test of time. Expert insights on maintaining that flawless look.

    4. The Art of Gel Nails

    • Explore the world of gel nails from the basics of building and extensions to the artistry of nail art. Unleash your creativity!

    5. Expert Insights

    • Gain valuable insights from industry experts, offering guidance and answering your burning questions.
  2. Special Features:

    • Educator: Christy Hogan with over 25 years in the nail industry
    • Live demonstrations

Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your nail care routine and discover the secrets to long-lasting elegance. We look forward to welcoming you to an evening of beauty and expertise.

For Questions Christy Hogan 1.785.845.6157 

Enrollment includes your kit and lamp see details below.


$206 Value of Products included.

Kit Includes:

5 Top Color Gels 
1 White Base
1 Clear Base
1 Primer
1 Powder
1 Top Coat - UV Clear
1 Cuticle Pusher
1 Cuticle Nipper
1 UV/LED Lamp
2 files

*Comes with instant Download of how to use the product and the class demonstration.

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