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Fantastic Five Powder Set

Poxie Creations

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The Fantastic Five Powder Set includes: 5 user choice Powder Set The Fantastic Five Powder Set includes:5 user choice Nail Poxie Powder Set. You will love the color it gives.
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The Fantastic Five Powder Set includes: 5 Poxie of our most popular Powders. We also recommend: Milky rubber base and 4 in 1 Rubber base for high color.

3 in 1 Powder Collection is a Poxie Powder used with 4 in 1 Rubber base coat, and can be used as a sculpting powder, and dip powder. Available in 1 oz. jar. Stir well before each use.

How to use Poxie Color Powder: Clean nails and prime the nail bed. Use Poxie Rubber base coat, sprinkle Poxie Color Powder, and then cure. Repeat base with sprinkle then cure. File. Cleanse, then top it off with Poxie UV Diamond No wipe top coat.  

Professional Note: Client Fills - Use the 4-in-1 Clear rubber base and clear powder to establish a good foundation before color gel or colored powder. When using colored Powder, follow with the milky white base and sprinkle colored powder then cure. for additional layers use the clear rubber base. (This allows your client to come back and you can do a fill without complete soak off, remove all the white off down to the clear base.)  

WARNING keep out of reach from children, keep away from heat or flame. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Keep the lid tightly closed. Ingredients: Polymethylmethacrylate, Silica, may contain glitters or pigments.